Faculty Members and Staff

Listed below are the Faculty Members and Staff of the School of Software Engineering at Chongqing University
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Leaders Faculty Staff
Name Title
Yang Dan President Assistant, Professor
Wen JunHao Professor
Fu YunQing Professor
Fu Li Professor
Xiang Hong Professor
Wang Chengliang Professor
Lei Yueming Associate Professor
Hong Sha Associate Professor
Zhang Yi Associate Professor
Zhang XiaoHong Professor
Tan Huixin Associate Professor
Sang Jun Professor
Zhu Weihua Associate Professor
Liu Ling Associate Professor
Cai Haini Associate Professor
Hong Mingjian Associate Professor
Ren Haijun Associate Professor
Wu Yingbo Instructor
Zhang Xiaohong Instructor
Hu Haibo Instructor
Qiao Jin Instructor
Xu Ling Instructor
Cai Bin Instructor
Yang Zhengyi Instructor
Xiong Min Instructor
Xiao Xiaofeng Instructor
Yang Mengning Instructor
Chen Yuan Instructor
Gao ming Instructor
Ma Yue Instructor


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